Cooking Classes

Experience difficulty with meal timing? 
Side dishes are finished before the main course?

With just a few basic tips, Chef Kwon can tweak your cooking technique to ensure all meal components are served at the same time. The lessons can be customized to your interest and skill level.  Contact Kwon for details and pricing.
Knife Skills 101 - Stone, steel or both? Precision Cut v. Production Cut?
  • A well-sharpened chef's knife is the most important tool in the kitchen.  The sharper the knife, the easier the task.
  • Precision Cut - Learn to chiffonade, batonette, allumette and brunoise.
  • Production Cut - Learn to get the best yields from your fruit and vegetable.
Soup is a hug for your tummy
  • Learn to make a good soup from start to tummy.
How to make the most of your farm box.  Don't let your produce go to waste.

Contact Kwon for details and pricing.
Social & Group Cooking Classes

Schedule fun cooking classes with your friends.  If you want to learn, you can bet that your friends want to learn too.  Why not make it learning fun and social.  Techniques include:

  • Homemade bread and pastries

  • Homemade pasta


Contact Kwon for a consultation.


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